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Shakers Deducted a Point for Ineligible Player

Posted on: Thu 25 May 2006

Shakers Docked a Point

Bury Football Club have been docked one point after fielding an ineligible player during a recent game at Lincoln City

Bury Football Club attended an independent Football Disciplinary Commission (FDC) on Monday 22 May.The Club was represented by I F Harrop (Director) and J Neville (Secretary).

A statement issued by Ian Harrop on behalf of the club reads as follows:

The club attended the FDC hearing as the club had fielded an ineligible player for a football league fixture.The player in question was Colin Marrison, against Lincoln City on the 15th April.  The player was named as a substitute and took to the field of play in the 57th minute to replace Tom Youngs.

Colin Marrison's 93 day loan finished on the 08 April and he should have returned to Sheffield United.


The FDC accepted that the club did not seek to gain any playing advantage by selecting Colin Marrison and that it was a genuine administration error.

Internal procedures have been put in place to ensure that this error will never occur again.  The club acknowledge the seriousness of this offence and in fact informed the league of our mistake at the earliest opportunity.

The outcome of the hearing was that the club has had one point deducted from their total and has been fined £5,000.00, suspended for one year.  Our current league placing thus remains unchanged.

The club was disappointed by this outcome as all past precedents of similar/more serious offences, in our opinion made by clubs in the same division as us and also League One & Championship level have never had any points deducted and only received fines or suspended fines.

The club feels that the FDC have laid down future precedent by making this judgement.  This matter has now been concluded and no further comments will be made

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Bury Football Club

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